Meet Our Caregivers

Heather Hill’s expert and experienced staff play a major role in maintaining our reputation of excellence and delivery of the highest quality care in Chardon, Ohio. Your team, comprised of Medical Directors; Registered Nurses; State Tested Nursing Assistants; Mental Health Professionals; and the best Physical, Occupational, Speech and Respiratory therapists in the business; ensure that you receive true interdisciplinary care to identify and afford every opportunity to achieve your highest level of independence.

Lisa Deering

Executive DIrector“Every individual deserves the opportunity to live comfortable, meaningful lives. Individuals with us for short-term rehab receive the finest therapy in North East Ohio and make their way home as quickly as possible. Individuals with us for long-term skilled nursing care are made to feel at home in ways that other facilities in the area can’t match. Simply, all individuals at Heather Hill are in the perfect environment for healing, health and individualized care.”

Dr. Karim Raz

Medical Director“Everyone that walks through our doors is treated as an individual and that’s exactly how we provide our care. At Heather Hill it’s critical that all of our caregivers communicate seamlessly to ensure that we maintain all progress that an individual makes. To do so, we establish interdisciplinary teams, including myself, our nursing staff and therapists, to enhance recovery and nurture step of the way.”

Marlayna Olenick

Director of Nursing, Skilled Nursing Facility “We don’t consider those under our care as patients or residents. We consider each as an individual with unique needs and ways of life. I’m proud to say that every member of Heather Hill’s nursing team is special in ways that I’ve never seen at other facilities. They truly get to know each individual and provide care like they are members of their own family.”

Patricia Rivera

Director of Rehabilitation Services“At Heather Hill we never say “never.” Of course individuals have specific physical situations and limitations. However, with our aggressive therapy programs, we believe that we can rebuild any individual and restore each to their highest level of function and independence. Some cases are tougher than others, but that never stops our world-class therapy team from doing everything possible to help our patients go home to lead meaningful lives.”

Heather Hill operates based on the acuity and needs of our patients, not the number of them. We are accredited by the Joint Commission, ODH and CLIA.